5 ways to (quickly!) get your mind & body firing in the morning..!

Do you know what’s not as easy as it sounds?

A consistent morning wellness routine.

The benefits are endless – a bit of meditation to set your mindset for the day. Some Apple Cider Vinegar to kick start the metabolism! Some journaling to help remind you of what is important in life and what isn’t.

We talk about the benefits of a morning wellness routine (like, a lot) because we cannot get enough.

But, we don’t pretend it’s easy dragging ourselves out of a warm, cosy, soft bed, because tired, foggy morning brain can temporarily erase our motivation to strive for what is good for us!

So, what are some quick fire options to quickly wake your mind & body to get the most out of your mornings?

  1. A hit of cardio

Nothing wakes our bodies more quickly than a steep spike in heart rate. Head out for a quick 15 min walk or jog around the blog, or simply get moving for 10 minutes in the lounge room without even having to find your exercise gear.

Just get up, start moving, and very soon you’ll be awake and ready to tackle your morning routine!

  1. Dry body brushing

Yep, we’re singing the praises of dry body brushing AGAIN! But we truly, honestly, hand on heart support the practice.

A bit of dry body brushing kick starts circulation, but also simply leaves every skin cell on your body feeling tingly & alive!

  1. Not snoozing!

Easier said than done, for various reasons already noted (we’re looking at you, warm bed)!

But snoozing doesn’t just take up our precious morning time, it also has various negative effects on our bodies & brains, including leading to a foggy brain for the rest of the day, and can also cause longer term issues.

So when thinking about ways to quickly wake up our mind & body for the day, NOT snoozing all of a sudden hits #1 position!

  1. Cold shower/beach dip

Yes ok, splashing cold water all over our warm & snoozy body straight after getting out of an equally warm & snoozy bed doesn’t necessarily sound appealing, but an early AM beach dip or cold shower can mean great things…

Firstly, it means instant alertness, because – well – it’s just plain freezing. But it also raises our heart rate meaning a rush of blood through our entire body with mood enhancing and mood boosting effects.

  1. Have a cold brew…

Yep, you were waiting for it. It’s our favourite too.

The simplest and most indulgent of all options is running straight to the fridge, and cracking open (literally) a can of Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew coffee. All the benefits of a regular coffee (without the fuss!), none of the dairy (yes to oat milk!), and minus the warmth/heaviness of a warm mug of coffee (it’s no longer winter, after all!). And, it’s a taste sensation without the guilt!

Now you’re awake, make the most of your day and relish in the inevitable feeling of accomplishment as you crash on the couch at the end of the day!

You can check out the Minor Figures range here, including their awesome new merchandise (yep, you get around looking like your favourite Nitro Cold Brew flavour!): www.minorfigures.com.

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