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Every now and then in life you come across people who are just so dedicated to their cause. Incredibly passionate, extremely talented & super knowledgeable in their chosen field.

Throw a huge amount of energy into the mix, and you get Phoebe & Aaron from Woohoo Body! Anyone who follows the Woohoo duo on social media or is signed up to Woohoo’s email database will know what we’re talking about when we say that these guys are just as hilarious as they are accomplished!

We had to find out more about why they started and what a day in the life looks like for the Woohoo team…

Tell us a bit about the people behind your company    

We (husband and wife duo, Aaron and Phoebe) are a bit of an odd couple! Aaron, our formulator, is an ex-naval officer turned mad scientist. I’m an ex-software engineer who now wears many, many hats. We’re incredibly passionate about living life to its fullest in a way that makes a positive impact on those around us and on this beautiful planet of ours.

What inspired you to start your company and when did you start it?   

We both come from small business families, so deep down inside we both knew we wanted to have our own family business. Aaron had just left the navy and was finding his feet on dry land, and Phoebe was pregnant with our first bub (who is now a whopper of a 7 year old). It was the perfect time to take the risk of a lifetime and put ourselves out there, trying to make a go of it on our own.

As health-obsessed mixaholics, we’ve always loved making our own lotions, potions and creations, from food to skincare to cleaning products, so it felt like Happy Skincare was the perfect fit – it aligned with our values and we were having a truck load of fun at the same time.

What would an ‘average day in the life of’ look like for you?    

There’s no average day in Woohoo world. Woohoo isn’t our only baby – we also have 2 wild, fun-loving boys, and another skincare brand, Happy Skincare (www.happyskincare.com.au). So for us life is a bit chaotic, but we like to embrace the chaos. We don’t try to separate home and business. They’re one giant muddle and everything just works. So while Mummy is my #1 role, I manage to squeeze in managing our websites, customer service, marketing, HR, accounting, you name it.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?       

Usually it’s a 4 year old boy bouncing around asking if it’s morning yet! It doesn’t take long to dust off the cobwebs and we tag team our exercise routines and getting the kids ready for the day. Then I try to log on and catch up on my emails early because it’s the only time we have that crosses over with our business partners in the northern hemisphere before they clock off for the day.

How do you make your products?        

Our products are all made by us in small batches at the Happy Shed (that is, in our little warehouse in Maryville, Newcastle, NSW). Lots of skincare companies use contract manufacturers to create their products but we’re very proud that we like to do everything from start to finish. That way we get to control the whole process and make sure it’s absolutely perfect.

What is your favourite product in your range? 

My favourite product from our range would have to be the original Woohoo flavour – Woohoo Urban. It’s got just the right amount of scent and BO-busting power to be perfectly balanced and suit almost everyone (although we do have a new scent coming out in October, Woohoo Surf, that I’m particularly excited about!).

What is an interesting way of using your products that not many people would know about?   

We learn about new ways to Woohoo all the time! One of my favourite lesser-known ways to use Woohoo is to use it for underneath your breasts (particularly for ladies with bigger breasts who might experience rashes or chafing). You can also use it between your thighs and even on your feet. Basically you can wear it anywhere you sweat.

What is your favourite way of winding down and taking time out?       

Both Aaron and I are cycling fanatics and we’ve challenged each other to compete in a couple of triathlons this year, so whenever we get time out we love to hit the road either on our bikes or out for a run. When the kids are a bit older we might even be able to go out together again like the old days 🙂

Here at Retreat Yourself, we LOVE dreaming BIG – what is your vision for your company?         

We want to change the way that people think about natural deodorants. Natural deodorants have a bit of a stigma – that they (a) don’t work, or (b) cause irritation. Woohoo Body is leading the way as a part of a new breed of natural deodorants that DO work and are good for your skin. Antiperspirants (which Woohoo is not!) aren’t the healthiest choice – they stop your body’s natural sweating process by blocking your pores with unhealthy aluminium salts. We want people to start making the healthy choice and see natural deodorants like Woohoo to go mainstream!

For anyone out there wanting to start their own business, what would your biggest piece of advice be?          

Be patient. Overnight successes are usually years in the making! Your business is going to be a lot of hard work, so make sure you love it and that you’re in it for the long haul and it will reward you in the years to come.

And lastly, what does a fulfilled life look like to you?   

It sounds corny, but to have a family that’s happy and healthy and somewhere secure to call home is all we need. A smattering of international travel and exploring the planet with our boys would make us seriously happy, but that would just be icing on the cake.

You can read more about Woohoo Body on their website: www.woohoobody.com.au

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