Retreat Yourself Winter Compeition



The mornings are fresher, the nights darker, and the snow is beginning to fall on the mountains. Winter is well and truly here. Winter is a time of slowing down, for turning within, and for nurturing our bodies and minds as we reflect on the louder and busier times of our lives.

We have chosen the products featured in our Winter Box just for you, to nourish you as you transition into a different stage of the year and to inspire you to prioritize self-care and look after #1.

Here is a short review of the products included:

Repuplica Organic – Drinking Chocolate (RRP $6.99)

República Organic farmers handpick and blend the cocoa by using age-old methods to create the richest, most delicious drinking chocolate you’ll ever taste. Enjoy every velvety, rich and luscious sip!

Salt & Glow – Awaken – Coffee Bean Eye Serum + Skin Souffle – Moisturizer for dry/normal skin (RRP $32 & $10)

This revitalising serum is high in caffeine, polysaccharides, glycoproteins, antioxidants, vitamin C and fatty acids for a nourishing boost to the skin around the eye.

A luxurious souffle-textured-cream with Kakadu plum, pomegranate and olive leaf, all rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C to combat signs of aging.

Red Seal – Natural Toothpaste (RRP $4.29)

Using as many ingredients derived from nature as possible, Red Seal’s range of toothpastes incorporate scientifically proven naturally active ingredients. No animal testing is involved in the development of these products, and the combination of traditional and more modern natural ingredients is evident in the unique formulations.

Keeko – Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder 15g Sample (RRP $19.99 for 50g)

Get a killer smile with easy-to-use, next level dental products that offer Ayurvedic oral hygiene and holistic benefits using clinically formulated and certified organic ingredients. 

Tested on babes, not bunnies, Keeko is 100% natural, vegan, organic  & made in Australia  – brownie points!  With a daily dose of Keeko, you will be on your way to naturally whiter teeth, clearer skin, increased energy levels & a detoxed mouth + body!

Digital copy of ‘Healthy Gut, Perky Butt’ (RRP $24.95)

Healthy Gut, Perky Butt is food for the body, mind and soul. It is the perfect combination of information and personal story to empower you to cultivate wellness from within.

She empowers you to create wellness magic in your life through exploring the interconnected web that is our gut, body, mind and soul.

Jimmy Blacks Organic Black Bean Powder (RRP $25)

Jimmy Blacks offers you the newest super food on the market, the amazingly potent black bean. High in protein, complex carbohydrates and micro nutrients it will leave you feeling fuller for longer, more energized and revitalised.

Celebrate Health – Ready to Eat Meal (RRP $5.50)

Celebrate Health’s Organic Ready To Eat Meals and Soups are the tastiest healthy option for when you’re on the go! Made from great tasting, nutritious ingredients our organic soups and meals are perfect for keeping in your pantry, gym bag or desk drawer for the times when cooking from scratch is not an option. Low in fat and gluten free, our range of ready meals and soups make eating healthy easier than ever before. 

Natural Tranquility – Aromatic Mist (RRP $23.00 for 50ml bottle)

Created by a qualified Aromatherapist, using organic & practitioner only essential oils. Calm the Mind: A blend designed to calm mental chatter (monkey mind) and dispel negative thoughts. Sleepy Time: A beautiful blend on essential oils to help encourage a good night’s sleep. Clarity: Assists with clearing the mind and aids memory, study and concentration.

Onne Beauty – Skin Sparkling Sponge (RRP $15)

Made from the vegetable fibres of the Konjac tree, this sponge is naturally rich in minerals and Vitamins A through to E, making it the perfect beauty solution for sparkling skin.

Purahealth Pty Ltd – D3+K Formula Tablets (RRP $25)

Purahealth’s D3+K formula contains Vitamin D – necessary for the growth and maintenance of strong, healthy bones and the absorption of calcium. Our premium and potent formula contains the biologically active form of Vitamin D called D3, which is the same form produced by the skin when exposed to the sun. Vegetarian friendly. No added nasties.

Teff Tribe – Pancake Mix  (RRP $9.95)

Teff may be the world’s smallest grain, but it’s a heavyweight in the nutrition stakes. Naturally gluten free and loaded with all the good stuff – like calcium, protein, and iron – ivory teff has a delicious subtle nutty flavour with a natural sweetness to it … These teff pancakes are quick and easy to make, and may just be the most delicious way to supercharge your diet yet. With this much goodness baked into every bite, why stop at just one?

JazminBell – Eye Pillow/Cold/Heat Pack  (RRP $19)

Modern and stylish cold/heat packs homemade from designer cotton fabrics and filled with Australian-grown rice grains. The full range offers 11 different solutions including the exclusive Ultimate Cold/Heat Pack and Rejuvination Maks. Suitable for hot and cold use and bound to make one smile and feel great!






“I loved my first Retreat Yourself Box. I have trialled a few boxes, and this box is by far my favourite. I feel that so much thought went into the variety of items chosen for the box. You really ticked every box to complete a proper “at-home” retreat. Don’t get me wrong, a day or weekend at the spa is perfection, but that is not always possible, and to know that I have something at home to easily retreat to, is…..blissful. Thank you 🙂 Can’t wait for my Winter Retreat! xx “

“Keep up the great work!! Wonderful love it!”

“Loved it!  Such a great way to be introduced to new products – from food to body care – all wrapped up with permission to give yourself a little bit of TLC :)”

“I love receiving this box every 3 months as it provides me with products to help get me through each season! They are well thought out and look to nourish not only the body, but the whole person. They also make fantastic gifts!”

“I’ve subscribed to lots of different boxes and Retreat yourself is by far the best! Very happy with each season!”

“I love this concept. Makes it easier and fun to remind ourselves to enjoy while taking care of ourselves”

“Love the concept and the packaging. Really surprised by how much was in there and the variety. Excellent gift idea too!.”

“I’m glad I bought the yearly subscription. It’s like I’ve given myself a gift that just keeps giving! The products are top notch.”

“I personally cannot flaw your box, as a subscriber to many other health related products, yours is far by the best.”