Ahhh, the long awaited spring time! I love this time of year. Flowers blooming, trees blossoming and baby birds chirping. It’s a time where Mother Nature breathes life into everything around us and is an opportunity to start afresh.

As much as I love the cosy nights of winter, there is nothing better than bright mornings and the lightness spring brings.

Our Spring Box is particularly special. We have carefully chosen each of the products from some amazing Australian brands. Every product has been handpicked to help you feel incredible at this time of year – To give you energy, make your skin glow with health, and your body feel well.

I’m so excited to share them with you!


Kate x

So, what’s in the box?…


We want you to feel inspired, relaxed and renewed, just like you do when you go on a health retreat, which is why we include a detailed plan explaining how to use the featured products in a day retreat at home. The plan is a step by step guide which can be used over the course of one day to create a pamper day at home, or if you’re super busy, you can use the plan over 9 days to add more retreat into your life! The plan is designed to help you become the best version of you and create a life you truly love!


Alongside all of the wonderful products included in the Retreat Yourself Box, we also include our very own RY Wellness Magazine. The Wellness magazine is there to educate you with all sorts of inspiring info to help you become the best version of you.





The Daily Bar – Salted Caramel & Gut Loving Snack Bars – $4.95 each

Not only are these bars absolutely delicious but they’re incredibly healthy for you too! Filled with all sorts of good fats, low in sugar and energy fueling, they’re the perfect snack to keep you fuller for longer as you start to spend more time outdoors to welcome the sunshine! You know what else is cool about this product? It’s wrapped in sustainable packaging, meaning it’s not just good for you – it’s good for the planet too!

Health Food Project – ‘They see me rollin’ Cookie Dough Protein Balls – $12.95

Made with digestion friendly brown rice protein powder, chocolate with a hint of sweet vanilla. This is the perfect cure to your 3PM snack attack! The best addition to your fitness routine to keep you feeling fit and fab without restricting yourself.

Yuki Threads + Retreat Yourself – Fairtrade Organic Cotton Bag – $15.00

This bag is not just your regular bag, it’s more of a symbol that the carrier cares about human rights, the environment and making a positive change to some of the most marginalised farmers and workers in the world. When you wear this bag you activate the power of  your purchase and empower communities to enhance and change their own lives, simply by giving them a fair go! The perfect accessory for your shopping or taking your cheese and biccies for a picnic at the beach!

KOJA Health – Breakfast/Salad Toppers – $11.95

No more boring salads or bowls of oats, KOJA Breakfast/Salad toppers are the most nutritious and delicious addition to your meals! Made from 100% real food and containing over 25 vitamins and minerals, you can put away your multivitamins and have confidence that your skin and body will be beaming with health when you use these products! And not to mention, they’re yummy!!

Sacred Flower – Rose Flower Essence Mist – $29.00

This mist is for the heart, compassion and nurturing. It’s been included in the box to help you cleanse and refresh your space as we welcome in the spring season. It will help you invite love and renewed energy into your world, and is incredible for the skin too. The spray is filled with essence of rose, frangipani, pink waterlily and pure rosewater.

MOJO Tea – 7 Day Body Beautiful Tea + Diet & Fitness E-book – $9.50 (tea) / $50.00 (e-book)

If you’re anything like us, the end of the winter season often brings low energy and a bit of unwanted bloat. The MOJO Body Beautiful tea is an all natural detox tea, filled with antioxidants to beautify skin, herbs to increase energy and de-bloat, and goodness to help you get your Mojo back!

Sow Grow Eat – Herb Garden In a Bag – $9.95

No need for a garden, you can now grow your herbs in a bag! Each of our Spring Boxes comes with a different herb (think basil, parsely, coriander) which you can grow on your kitchen table or wherever you like! You can then jazz up your fresh salads and delicious cooking!

The Purist Collection – Happy Balm – $10.95

The most incredibly scented balm containing a blend of essential oils known to induce happiness (valencia orange, ylang ylang and cedarwood). When you apply lovingly to your temples, pulse points and the tip of your nose, it will promote pure joy in your day!

Nakeba – Skin Softening Vegan Soap – $7.95

You think you’ve found the best smelling soap? Think again. This delicious, all natural soap is one of the best we’ve ever smelt! The aromas of lemon, eucalyptus, mint and basil will leave you melting in the shower! Because this soap is made with olive oil (which is very high in Vitamin E), it acts to rejuvenate tired skin and is a natural moisturiser!

UTONIC – Calming Drink – $6.00

This delicious tasting beverage is designed to relax your body and alleviate feelings of anxiety. The key ingredients are Sour Cherry, known to aid in restful sleep, and decaffeinated Green Tea, which contains l-theanine and is known to reduce anxiety. These ingredients are combined with chamomile and passionflower, which aide in relaxation and calming. Perfection!

Photography Byron Bay – Relaxing Square Matte Print – $20.00

A special moment in time from the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay, captured through the lens of local award winner travel & landscape photographer & blogger Sera J Wright, the creative behind Photography Byron Bay. This beautiful print would perfectly suit a cute frame and will take you to paradise with a single glance!

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Spring Box Products



Spring Box Products


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“I love receiving this box every 3 months as it provides me with products to help get me through each season! They are well thought out and look to nourish not only the body, but the whole person. They also make fantastic gifts!”


“I loved my first Retreat Yourself Box. I have trialled a few boxes, and this box is by far my favourite. I feel that so much thought went into the variety of items chosen for the box. You really ticked every box to complete a proper “at-home” retreat. Don’t get me wrong, a day or weekend at the spa is perfection, but that is not always possible, and to know that I have something at home to easily retreat to, is…..blissful. Thank you :)”


“I am so happy with everything in the box, I love that I can discover new companies that are Australian owned and again you get so much for only $60. So far there has been nothing in the box that I have disliked and can’t wait for the next one!”